Concept Painting

The rough sketch above was inspired by LAIR gameplays in YouTube. I can't wait to play the game. Dude, when you guys going to finish the game?

Life Drawing

Kinda like what I sketched today. It was 2 minutes pose, and everything went very smooth on this one. I think I can't make exactly the same thing again... sigh, fine art huh...

The Trees

I was thinking the test that I did before for my second job during painting on this piece, alot of trees, branches around the buildings... By the way, the test was in maya and zbrush.

Yokomi Village

Why Yokomi Village? Because I really thought it was really cool to call that way. Luckily I didn't call it Totoro Town or Potato City then.

Creature Wanna Poo Poo Again

He is poo poo and checking out some stuff at the same time.

Creature Wanna Poo Poo

I tried to paint this creature using the photoshop stamp tool and many textures at the background, kinda cool though. Oh yeah, it is looking for a good spot to poo.

Secret Of The Deep

This is the latest work for EA Artist blog. I was working pretty fast for the background, but took me long time to decide the subject matter.