WonderCon 2007

Let's go to WonderCon 2007 on this coming Saturday 03/03/07, 10:00am-7:00pm, at The Moscone Center, San Francisco. Just showing your business card or/and pay stub to get a free entrance with one guest.

WonderCon 2007: http://www.comic-con.org/wc/
Moscone Center: http://www.moscone.com/site/do/index


Tried making the UI design for my personal project, coming to the youtube near you soon...

Female Artist

In 1971, the magazine ArtNews published an essay, "Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?" Obviously the question has no longer appeared because women today can even play football. When I say football mean using legs to kick the ball, not like some people using hands... duh!

Graphic Comic

To be honest I don't really like graphic comics, but it's cool to experience the skill and knowledge, and I am quite happy about this one.

Chinese Opera

Chinese opera is a popular form of drama in China. So, you see some folks are singing the chinese opera in chinatown, but do you really understand what the hell they singing about? If you don't, pls check this out!

Draw & Paint

Drawn by Phil, a funny awesome concept artist sitting around me. Painted by Boon, a boring chinese dude like to eat Ha Kao and Siu Mai. Thanks alot Phil.

Pencil Sketching

When doing this sketching, I kept thinking the time back in TOA when needed to produce 15 pieces fully rendered figure drawing every week, it was crazy but fun.


Hmm, hmm, yeah I made em' abit bigger.

Playing Guitar

I watched good guitar players at youtube these days, well.. actually song writers, whatever they call but they making their own songs and singing better than those pop singers.

Make Yourself An Elf

You can try to make yourself an elf at www.elfyourself.com, but I think you need to wait until next x'mas, sorry.

Photoshop Painting

I tried to paint with different kinda brushes that I created in photoshop, so that I could have the oil painted feeling. Unfortunately, digital CANNOT replace traditional way, at least in some particular emotion.


I forgot my paint box today, but luckily a good guy borrowed his paints to me. Thank you Hong.

Env. Concept

Found another concept piece for the kung fu game. Actually the environment artists did the good job in modeling and texture. Thank you guys.

Children Of The Sky

I did this for an ea artists blog. The goal of the blog is to create an online space for artists to share their artworks. Also, the blog is to help inspiring others to create artwork and in turn to be inspired by others.

Indian Dance

"Dance is the hidden language of soul."

Quick Study

Acrylic on hardboard. I like the green alot, so I might go further for it, will see.

Volcano Sketch

It was very fun having a couple good friends doing some sketches in Volcano Tea Station (Boba Milk Tea Cafe) at Santa Monica. We basically sketched randomly from live who sat around us. Sometimes we would sketch from the magazine or still images.

But most of the time we ain't sketch at all, but just kept the eyes open widely checking out the hot chicks there.

Charcoal Drawing

I did this one when I was taking the Zhaoming Wu's Figure Drawing class during Fall semester 2003. If you are the student from AAU, this is the class you don't wanna miss.