Just some sketches with different kinda pencils, from HB to 4B, from sharp to flat.

Env. Concept

Concept paintings for the best kung fu game ever... I wish the game could be finished one day.

Japanese Tea Garden

Name : Japanese Tea Garden at Golden Gate Park
City : San Francisco
Designer : Hagiwara Makoto, Sakurai Nagao
Construction Period : 1894 - 1942
Hours : Open daily, hours vary by season; usually 8:30am to 5/6pm
Admission : Adults $2.00, Children $1.00


I found a very nice song in this movie, Turistas. It's called Fico Assim Sem Voce by Adriana Calacanhoto. Nice music video though, check it out!

TOA Works

Look what I found... my very old works at TOA (The One Academy). The one above was done by using guoche with the washing technique. Ofcouse the teacher from this class was really awesome, but due to produce 10 pieces of figure drawings and other junks every week, I hardly paid attention to learn much from him. Luckily I met the master here at AAU (Academy of Art University), Kazuhiko Sano. He was not only demonstrating the technique, but also inspiring students to develop their own personality through the art.

I think this was the final project of 1st semester in TOA. Guess what, it's watercolor, man... took me a couple weeks to finish it.

The Combination

Think about the combination of Ryoichi Ikegami and Jackson Pollock... hmmm... Anyway, it was really fun! Maybe I should try Ma Wing Shing and Vincent Van Gogh next time.


Acrylic on hardboard. As usual, I applied the gesso on top the board before I started painting. Obviously the bright color of arcylic is a lot stronger than the oil medium. Also the dark is always glaring, and that able to create different effect or texture on the painting.
I guess he is not from the Brokeback Mountain... Anyway, this is just another quick study, don't think too much.


Both were done in Photoshop. I tried to experiment divide the works in a half, as you can see the top one divided with a rock line, and the bottom one with a big red flag. Somehow I prefer the top one better, due to the balance of light and shadow, and also the layers of actions. What do you think?

300: The Art of the Film

When watching the trailer of "300" a month ago, I was shocked and impressed that every frame is just like a piece of painting for me. Without any hesitations, I picked up the book from the shelf and quickly found out how the hell they made that. The book takes you behind the scene of "300" from story boards to finished product. Yes, it's including concept arts, costumes, make-up, special effect, CGI and more that related to the art of Frank Miller. It's a very beautiful book, and hopefully the movie won't disappointed me.


John Singer Sargent: "Color is an inborn gift, but appreciation of value is merely training of the eye, which everyone ought to be able to acquire."
RMVB: "Becareful, it's not dry yet."


Added gesso on canvas with a couple big brush stroke on top, and brought it to the photoshop and did the rest of it. Oh, it's inspired by Ashley Wood.

Originally it was a rough sketch of "Amigo", and then photoshop painting at the background layer.


Don't remember where I did this sketching, but the "21" catched my eye very much.

Quick Study

I took about a couple hours to figure out the composition. Not much fancy stuff happening there, but light and shadow should tell the story. Oh! btw, I call this piece "Whatever You Like To Call".